I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.

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Before we went into lockdown we used to come together and play board games in a shared space. It was a nice way of getting out of the house when you can’t go to the beach or to a wine farm. Then we were suddenly forced to spend a significant amount of time at home that we didn’t plan for, but when we started looking for something to do with the family we brought out that old copy of Monopoly or Scrabble that was gathering dust in the back of a bedroom closet.

The problem is, now that we can go outside again we still enjoy that board game experience but we have a few problems: Firstly, it’s not always fun to play with the family. Let’s face it: Monopoly is a brutal game. Secondly, we can’t play at the old shop anymore because of the environment. There’s no access control. We don’t have a space where we can play games safely and securely while following social distance guidelines.

So we built one!

I was thinking if we control the space, we can do what we want. If we want to show up early to set up a game, we can do that. If we want to play D&D and make voices and dance around, we can do that! We don’t have to explain to random passers-by what we’re doing! We don’t have suspicious people hanging around.

It’s expensive, but I was like IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME

People sitting at tables playing

So this is the place…

The last time we had a space of our own that wasn’t shared with another business was July 2012, so naturally we’re quite excited! One entire wall is covered in shelving, so there’s no more back office hiding products. If we have it, you’ll see it. There’s enough space to comfortably space 8 tables with 6 seats each while maintaining a reasonable amount of distancing. All our demo games will be available again. We’ve already purchased a restaurant grade filter coffee machine and we already secured a fridge for the Monster Energy Drinks (not kidding, we average a Monster can for every 2 players at any given event). We’re in talks to stock a vending machine with snacks and drinks.

Your Friendly Local Board Game Store

We spend an inordinate amount of time playing games, learning their rules, watching videos of other people playing games and wishing we could back everything on Kickstarter, so we can provide informed advice to our customers, something that exclusively online stores can’t do! Hell, when last did you talk to a real person before ordering?

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