To the right is a list of upcoming events. Clicking on an event will provide further information. These events are subject to change without notice, but we do our best to keep them up to date. During these events you can play any of our Demo Games with your friends, or make friends with the regulars! You can even bring your own games if you’d like to play against someone new!

To receive regular updates on events, add the calendar to your Google Account or keep an eye on our Facebook Page for announcements.

Earn credit for participating!

We’re trying out a new system: When you join us at an event, we charge admission fee of R40 (for the day) for use of the facilities and to have access to all our games in the cabinet, which you can play as much as you like as long as the shop is open. However, this admission fee is recorded on your account and a percentage of it becomes store credit for future purchases! As soon as you choose to purchase something, simply ask to cash in your loyalty club fee!

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