The Board Game Exchange

Sometimes we buy games that we don’t enjoy, or a game doesn’t get as much table time as it used to. Sometimes our collection just gets too big. The gamers we spoke to were tired of dealing with Gumtree and the like. So we’re offering a solution. (Note changes to the payout procedure for convenience and record keeping.)

Step 1: Bring in your game, make your price.

The game remains your property but prospective buyers will be allowed to inspect the game and make sure all components are present. The condition of the game will also be rated. Fanaticus will have no influence on the price of the game. What you say is the price we put on it. If after a while the game hasn’t sold you’re welcome to contact us and lower the price.

Step 2: Collect your payment.

Your game will have shelf space along with other second hand games. When the game sells we immediately inform you of the sale. You can then request payout by sending us an e-mail confirming the amount and banking details. We will then deposit the money into your account. It’s that simple.

Games are left at Fanaticus at own risk, though we’ll assist potential buyers in inspecting games. A 10% service fee will be deducted to cover admin and credit card charges (from the sale) that may apply. At no point will Fanaticus own your game and therefore take no responsibility for its safekeeping. Fanaticus does not promise that a game will sell, as this is based on interest and pricing, though we can offer advice where needed. The Seller may remove a game at any time at no charge, though if a customer has expressed interest we will advise against it. Payouts are performed only on the confirmed request of the Seller and only as an electronic funds transfer (EFT). No cash payouts. This is not done automatically and not necessarily for each sale (larger payments for several games preferred).

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