Wooden Magnetic Travel Chess Set: 25cm

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The set comes with an inlaid chessboard and the pieces are kept safe in a single push drawer, equipped with special EP foam compartments. Each piece is beautifully carved in Staunton design and fitted with a green felt base. Made from Box and Rosewood.

To protect the board and keep it looking beautiful, a felt sleeve is included.

  • Ages: 7 and up
  • Player Count: 2 players

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Our sleeves are maroon in this batch, even though the foam insert is still green.

Board size: 25cm x 25cm with 2.5cm squares.
King size: 45mm (height); 15mm (base).
Pawn size: 22mm (height); 14mm (base).

All our wooden products are hand-made and therefore natural grains and colour of wood may differ from pictures. This adds to the uniqueness of our products.

Wooden products require regular care:
– If dirty, wipe using a damp cloth, then wipe the surface dry with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.
– Oil product a few times a year when wood appears to be dry. Wood will absorb the oil when applying. A good product to use is Woodoc Deep penetrating furniture wax.
– Avoid placing wooden products in direct sunlight.
– Water can cause permanent swelling and stain damage.
– Avoid placing an object, other than chess pieces onto the chessboard.


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