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Play Fours

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Take up the challenge of a lifetime as you hone your skills in an all-new game play experience. Play Fours redefines the traditional classic “4-in-a-row” into the ultimate 3D boardgame!

  • Ages: 6 and up
  • Player Count: 2 players
  • Play Time: 15min

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Bringing in new elements to your familiar favourites. Play Fours is a thrilling fast paced strategy  board game in which two players compete with the sole objective of out manoeuvring their opponent. To win the players need to create an uninterrupted line of discs where the first player to connect four in a row, wins. This game is easy to teach and learn, with thousands of winning possibilities, you will be able to find victory in your own unique way.

This ‘Take it anywhere ’ board game offers one of the widest possible gameplay settings available.

As board game enthusiasts we know that some of our favorite games take up a lot of space, and sometimes that’s what we love about them. We love exploring their detailed maps, playing out our favorite cards and rolling those winning numbers. The only problem with big games is this little question: Where do you get to play them?

Due to our practical small footprint this board game fits onto any flat surface and into all kinds of spaces. You’re even able to Play Fours in the box, helping you maximizing the space you have while you’re off on your next adventure.

Payable in the box, no unpacking or tidying up needed. Great travel or weekend away game.
A “4-in-a-row” game that will surprise the most skilled strategist, with thousands of ways to win.
Discs made from quality recycled plastic with a solid wooden board, for easy playing and stacking.
5 to 15 min mind stimulator. Break the monotony of your day with a quick game to refocus your brain.
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