A Place to Play

With a steadily changing urban jungle, our leisure spaces at home are getting smaller and smaller. What if there was somewhere you can sit down with your friends and play board games in safety and without distractions? Our gaming tables at the shop serve as a place where you can set up your game and play! With 150 demo games available to play, friendly staff to teach you the games or even play along! We also have regular game days, and you may even get to play a game on launch day! All events are posted on our schedule, as well as Facebook.


A Wide Selection to Purchase

We try to stock something for everyone. Besides the hundreds of retail titles across dozens of publishers that we have in stock at any given time, we also have access to a distribution network with more than 2000 listed titles from which we can order. 

If you're looking for a suggestion or would like to know more about a specific title, we're always willing to help. We try to know at least a little bit about every game we sell.

Second hand games can also find a new home through our Board Game Exchange, where your can display your games for the interest of buyers and then use the proceeds to buy something new!

Always Something to Play

We regularly add new games to our demo cabinet, and often ask the opinion of our regulars what game we should add. Sometimes a game is added because it's popular, other times because we feel it needs more love, sometimes because the designer donated a copy! There's something for anyone to enjoy, from family friendly games that take a few minutes, all the way to expansive games that require several hours to complete.

Our knowledgeable staff are at hand to teach a game, be "the other player", or simply clarify a rule of an old favourite. If you want to bring your own games and play with new people, we're always willing to jump in and play with you.

We also arrange casual tournaments for popular board games and card games, often with prizes to be won. Check out the our schedule for more information.


Get Rewarded for Playing Games

At every gaming event, by playing at least one thing you'll be rewarded with a stamp on your loyalty card which can later be redeemed on purchases! It's that simple! Even some of your admission fees can be redeemed as credit!

What People Say

 "Easily possible to spend hours in this shop, either watching others play or playing/learning a game yourself. Fanaticus creates an amazing environment to have fun no matter what age you are."


"A joy to buy from and play with/against. Friendly staff and the Friends of Fanaticus membership has paid for it self 10 times over in the last year."


"Excellent service. Caring of clientele and a loyalty to return customers that inspired the same loyalty from me for the last three years."


"Thanks, picked up Quartz this morning, it's definitely getting some game time this weekend! (and thank you for being better priced than the online guys twice in a row now, I know it's not easy.)"


"First class people to deal with. Good selection of games."
- Simmy

 "Had an great time. Expect us to be regulars!!!! Excellent and friendly service!!!"



" Great selection of board games, friendly , helpful and knowledgeable staff. Also a great place to go search for a second hand board game"