Perfect for Team Building

We offer a service for small teams (up to 20 participants) to enjoy a closed event at your or our premises (within 1 hour travel from the shop) with a trained professional. The shop can also be booked for private functions upon prior arrangements.

Unlike our normal open game days, the itinerary is set based on your requirements and the board game related experience of the participants. These activities will be detailed during a short presentation and will finish with an explanation of the possibilities and variables involved, to lend a little insight into the operations of the game. When applicable, home versions of the experience will also be available for purchase during the event (though no purchase is necessary).

These experiences are tailored to provide participants with roles in a group that will need to work together to overcome the challenge laid before them. This can be fully cooperative in teams of 4 versus the game, or two competing teams each with a rotating leader.

For further information, or a quotation to book a session, please contact us!