• Jean-Christophe Bouvier
  • 1 – 4 Players (best with 3)
  • 60 mins but may be longer depending on setup
  • Competitive score attack, very little interaction
  • Light-to-Medium weight


This is not a racing game, this is rally. Cars are released one turn apart so it’s all about the fastest and most efficient times, not overtaking.
Players plan their turn space by space, by placing dice for different gears in order. Then they have the choice to take it carefully (one at a time) and have more control, or go all-out (roll all at once) but risk losing control in exchange for seconds shaved off their time. The gear the car ends their turn in will affect their overall time and their available maneuvers on their next turn. Losing control of the car not only costs valuable time, but can also damage the car and limit its capabilities.
This is one of our favourites at the store, for its unique take on a racing game. We’re hotly anticipating the release of Rallyman GT, which takes this formula to new heights.

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