• Susan McKinley Ross
  • 2 – 4 Players
  • 45 – 60 mins
  • Tile Placement, Score Attack
  • Light weight

This is one of our most played games, both at the shop and at home. Qwirkle is laughingly simple to learn and the playfield doesn’t look the same twice. A blend between Dominoes and Scrabble:

  • Each player draws 6 tiles from the bag, the person with the most tiles that are the same (either colour or shape not both) plays first. After that whatever a player places must connect with an existing piece on the board.
  • Placing tiles is like Scrabble.
    • All the tiles must be in the same line, but can be either side of the tile(s) it connects to. Each line on the board must have either all the same symbols but different colours, or all the same colours but different symbols.
    • The same exact tile can’t repeat in the same line
    • The player then scores 1 point for each of the tiles in that line. If the tile placed is the 6th and final tile for the line, it scores double (12 points) which is called a Qwirkle.
  • Draw back to 6 tiles. Play continues until a player has no tiles and there’s nothing left in the bag to draw from. That player received 6 bonus points.
  • Player with the most points wins.

That’s it! Them’s the rules! We introduced Qwirkle to friends one lazy Sunday afternoon and kept playing game after game. Eventually the tablecloth was put over the game in progress for dinner and play continues into the small hours of the morning. This is the perfect pick-up game that ends up consuming your day. The pieces are solid and hard wearing (though after a few years you might need to touch up the paint a bit) and the carry bag means it’s more convenient to take on trips than a box. 

There’s also a Qwirkly Travel Edition, which comes in a small zipper bag and the tiles are about 1/3 the size, which plays fine for those with limited space but it loses some of the tactile feel of the larger tiles.

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