• Michael Kiesling
  • 2 – 4 Players
  • 30 – 45 mins
  • Tile Placement, Set Collection, Score Attack
  • Light weight

Players are tilers for the great walls of the Royal Palace of Evora in Portugal. On your turn you select all similar tiles from one of the factories on the table. Any other tiles from that factory go to the middle. The first player to select a type of tile from the middle takes a small penalty, but can then take all similar tiles from the middle. When all tiles are gone, the round scores and the tiles are refilled.

When placing the tiles on your player board, a row must be filled with all the same tiles to score. In scoring, it fills that space on the wall and earns points for adjacent tiles. Any tiles that are too many for the row, fall off the wall and become negative points. We also have a demo copy of Azul Summer Pavilion, the more in-depth version of the game adding a whole slew of new features , player interaction and opportunities to score.


  • Azul is a great game for almost anyone to play and I also believe it is a great introductory game. I really need to buy a copy of this for myself, and it might even replace ticket to ride as my go to introductory game to new board gamers. Loving the new site Zach.

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